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DK Oils specialises in the supply of lubricants to the automotive, industrial, marine and transport sectors. 

DK Oils offers a full range of lubricants. Please contact us for your requirements and we will be very happy to serve you.



Automotive Engine Oils
DK Oils offers premium quality brands of petrol engine oils for passenger cars
premium performance diesel engine oils for commercial vehicles.

Other Automotive Lubricants

DK Oils offers a comprehensive range of mineral and synthetic engine oils, manual and automatic transmission fluids, gear oils, hydraulic oils, greases and brake fluids.

Marine Engine Oils

DK Oils also supplies a range of marine diesel engine oils.

Industrial and Agricultural Lubricants

DK Oils offers an extensive range of lubricants for industrial and agricultural applications, including industrial gear oils, hydraulic fluids, torque fluids, compressor oils, turbine oils, rock drill oils, tractor fluids, metalworking fluids and greases.

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